Mission (10/10/97, amended 1/22/99)
The Mechanical Engineering Student Leader Board (MESLB) shall be a committee of students and faculty whose goal is to improve the experience of all mechanical engineering students at the University of Michigan, to provide a voice for the students to the administration, and act in an advisory capacity to the Chair.

In that the Student Leader Board is charged with improving the experience of all mechanical engineering students and communicating concerns of the students to the administration, possible goals for the committee include:

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of issues pertaining to students.
  • To attempt to resolve issues by utilizing the resources available to the members of MESLB.
  • To gather feedback from the general population of mechanical engineering students and present that information to the administration.
  • To be involved in administrative committees and contribute to the improvement of the Department through these external committees.
  • To interact with faculty concerning student's concerns for faculty and faculty's concerns for students.

The members of the MESLB shall be the following:

The President of ASME
A Representative from GRIME
The President of Pi Tau Sigma
The President of UMME
A Mechanical Engineering Representative from SAE
A Non-Faculty Departmental Representative

NOTE: If the representative to the Planning Committee is not the Pi Tau Sigma President, that person shall also be on the MESLB.

NOTE: If any of the presidents of any of the societies/organizations above are unavailable or unwilling to serve, they should appoint or hold an election for a representative from their society/organization.

NOTE: The current Peer Counselor shall be excluded from being on the MESLB as a member, but is encouraged to maintain a close relationship with the MESLB.

In addition to the aforementioned "fixed" positions, the MESLB shall contain at least one or more "at-large" member(s) who is active in student activities in the College of Engineering and/or the Department. Efforts should be made to locate a second GRIME representative.

Besides the permanent MESLB members, there should be a non-faculty/non-voting departmental representative to sit on the committee. This person should be concerned about student issues and in a leadership position within the Department. Professors and/or guests will visit or will be invited to meetings on an as-needed basis.

The MESLB shall rotate the responsibility to facilitate the meetings, prepare the agendas, and minutes, etc. This person is not the leader, but merely a facilitator. All members on the MESLB are completely equal.

A MESLB notebook will bemaintained in the Chair's office.


ADDENDUM A (2/5/98)

Alumni Representatives to the MESLB
If a former member of the Mechanical Engineering Student Leader Board (MESLB) requests to serve on the Board as an alumni representative, s/he must:

1. Still be affiliated with the University of Michigan,
2. Be able to atte
nd meetings on a regular basis, and
3. Prepare and submit a written description of the role they anticipate playing,
4. Reapply if interested in serving an additional term(s).

The current Board members will consider the submitted proposal and vote upon it to determine if s/he will provide a valuable contribution to the Board. There must be a majority decision.

Only one alumni representative will be permitted to serve on the Board an any given time.

All website comments or suggestions shall be directed to meslb AT umich DOT edu
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