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How Can I Defer My Admission to the Graduate Program?

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What is the Process to Defer My Admission?

Deferrals are granted to admitted applicants under special conditions.  There are extenuating circumstances that take place that affect a student from registering for courses in the term he/she was admitted to.  If the request is approved, deferring admission can take place for up to one year from the original term of application. The Rackham Graduate School has a deferral policy in place that we must adhere to.  An applicant whose admission has been approved/finalized by Mechanical Engineering and Rackham will have the option to request a deferral.

To request a deferral, send an e-mail to We ask that you provide your full name, UMID and the reason you would like to request a deferral of admission.  All requests are carefully reviewed by the program.   Deferral decisions are communicated to the applicant via e-mail if they were approved or not. If the deferral request is approved the decision is provided to the Rackham Graduate School for processing.  

International students cannot defer admission to Spring or Spring/Summer terms.  There are not enough credits to maintain the F1 visa status. This is a Rackham Graduate School policy.

Note:  The Graduate Program Chair must approve all Ph.D. students wishing to defer their admission.


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