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Reinstatement to Ph.D. Program

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Students who withdrew or were discontinued from the Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. program may seek reinstatement to the same program by submitting the reinstatement application.  

Applying to the Mechanical Engineering Department:

  • Reinstatement Application (online)
    • There are narrative responses to fill out on the online application:
      • Why did you discontinue your study in the Ph.D. program?
      • How have your experiences since your last enrollment provided you with additional skills, interests, and motivation to return to doctoral study?
      • Why have you decided to return to doctoral study?
      • Include a timeline with approximate dates detailing when you plan to complete each step of your doctoral degree coursework, preliminary exams, research, analysis, writing, defending and finishing.
      • If on academic probation in the last term of enrollment, provide a statement noting the reasons for lack of academic progress, explaining how conditions that produced poor performance have changed and present specific plans for improvement.

The Graduate Program Chair will review the application and provide a decision to Rackham Graduate School.

Students who withdrew or were discontinued and wish to apply to a new Ph.D. program must submit a brand new Rackham Graduate School Application. For additional information see Rackham's Reinstatement to a Ph.D. Program or policy on the Reinstatement process.  Rackham has a Reinstatement Application Checklist and Process for review.