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Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines – it has existed as a formal type of engineering since the invention of the steam engine during the Industrial Revolution more than 150 years ago. Today, it remains as one of the most versatile disciplines.  At the University of Michigan (U-M), the broad scope of the Mechanical Engineering (ME) department is expressed through the diversity of research fields pursued by our faculty. These not only include the core disciplines (thermal and fluid sciences, solid mechanics and materials, dynamics and controls, and mechanical designs), the traditional thematic fields (such as automotive engineering and manufacturing engineering), but also emerging new areas, such as biomechanics and biosystems, micro- and nanotechnology, mechatronics, energy and environment, and multi-scale mechanics.

Pursuing a Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Michigan, affords you the opportunity to acquire technical knowledge applicable to a vast array of engineering disciplines, such as aerospace, biomedical, civil and environmental, engineering physics, materials science, and naval architecture and marine engineering. This versatility allows our graduates to excel in a wide range of careers and industries; some of these include research, design, development, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems and products.

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at U-M is consistently ranked among the top five graduate programs nationwide. In the recent National Research Council (NRC) assessment of U.S. PhD programs, U-M ME earned exceptional marks, leading to an overall #2 ranking in's Larger Programs category.

The Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy in Mechanical Engineering overview pages expound information on the particular degree.

If you are looking for information on coursework requirements or student services, please visit our Undergraduate or Graduate Handbooks.