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Graduation and Beyond

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Graduation means having a degree conferred by the Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan. Students may graduate in April, December, or August, depending on when the degree requirements are completed. Diplomas are mailed approximately 12 weeks after degree conferral. The standard size of a Rackham diploma is 8.5" x 11". Degree postings will appear on your official transcript approximately one month after the last day of classes. Visit the Registrar's Office website for further information regarding diplomas.


Commencement is the ceremony celebrating graduation. ME students are eligible to participate in any or all of three separate commencement ceremonies: The University's ceremony, Rackham's ceremony, and the College of Engineering's ceremony.

What is required to graduate?

In order to graduate, a student must complete all degree requirements and apply to graduate through Wolverine Access. Please reference the guide "How to Apply for Graduation through Wolverine Access". The Graduate Coordinator will notify students of graduation deadlines. The deadline for having a name printed in the commencement booklet is early in the term, typically the first weeks of October (fall) and February (Winter).

Master's Degree

Coursework Only. No additional paperwork is necessary to graduate.

Individual Project (ME590).  If ME590 is being taken in the term of graduation, final reports must be provided to the supervising faculty via the ME590 website and a grade must be entered no later than the last day of finals week, the last day of the semester. Individual faculty may require that the reports be completed earlier.

Thesis. The thesis advisor must send an email to the Graduate Coordinator confirming the successful completion of the thesis before the last day of classes in the term of graduation. 

Dual Degree Master's. Dual degree students must complete the dual degree course election form prior to last day of classes. Please note that this form must be approved by both departments and may take a few weeks to complete.

"Embedded" Masters. An embedded master's is a master's degree awarded "on-the-way" to a PhD in the same program. Direct PhD students (i.e. students without a Master's degree) will receive an “embedded” master's along the way. The student should complete the Online Request for an Embedded Master's in order to have the Master's added to his or her record.


Alumni Association – University of Michigan

Join the Alumni Association. The Alumni Association is your connection to one of the world's largest and best alumni networks – more than 480,000 strong. Join today to take advantage of member benefits.

Student/Alumni Professional Network

The College of Engineering Student/Alumni Professional Network is a service that enables students and alumni to connect via email - a great way to gain career related advice, explore careers in engineering and network. The Student/Alumni Professional Network is coordinated by the Engineering Career Resource Center, and is available on ENGenius.Jobs.