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BorgWarner Galleria

Duderstadt Building

Duderstadt Building - ME 450/ENG 490 Projects
EXPO #Project Name
99Surgical Sponge Counter
100DualSense—Pressure Monitoring Bed
101Autonomous GoKart— Electrical
102Autonomous GoKart— Mechanical
105Artificial Iris Prosthesis
106ADI Castings for Cost and Weight Reduction
107Robotic Blacksmithing
108Electronic Heat Sink
109Astronaut Urine Repurposing Apparatus
110MiTEE Tether and PicoSat Slow-Deployment System
111Hardware Store Part Matcher
112MiTEE Tether and PicoSat Fast-Deployment System
113One-Way Lacrimal Bypass Tube
114Lacrosse Ball Feeding Device (Ball Collection, Storage, and Systems Integration)

EECS Building

EECS Building - ME 450 Projects
EXPO #Project Name
115Flex-N-Gate Air Dam
116Automotive OEM—Tailgate Redesign
117VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System Mobility Assist
118Augment an Autonomous Baja Ground Vehicle Platform
119Lightweighting of Sledge Hockey Sled
120Electric Motorcycle Student Project Team
121REFRESCH Incubator for Compromised Newborns for Use in Off-Grid Maternity Clinics
122Pelico Design: A Positioning Sensor for a Curb Climber Attachment on Lightweight Wheelchairs
123An Assistive Device for Fall Prevention
124Wheelchair Solution
125REFRESCH Fruit Dryer
126Design and Evaluation of fMRI Compatible Sensory Stimulation Device
127Device to Study Non-Invasive Method for Assessing Long-Term Changes in Mechanical Tissue Properties of Skin
128Composite Material Using Bamboo Fibers
129Composite Suspension Links
131Mracing Test Bench
132Mechatronic Actuation of a Printer Head for a Nanoscale Additive Manufacturing System
133KID Watchful but Safe Eyes on Baby: A Safe Monitor
134Remote Controlled Automated Vehicles
135Packsize Corrugate Laser Cutting and Creasing
136EPA Carbon Capture Canister
137Nanosystems Inc. Foam Manufacturing