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Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

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Thank you for your interest in the Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan.Our department takes a multi-disciplinary approach to learning that strikes a unique balance of trend-setting research, challenging coursework and real-world impact that is highly respected around the world. The ME department continues to grow and diversify and in recent years we've had a boom of new faculty members and research funding. Throughout, we have maintained consistent leadership as one of the top ME programs in the country and are ranked number 2 by based on data from a comprehensive study by the National Research Council.  

As a ME Master's student, you have three program options:  coursework, research project, or thesis. All programs require 30 credits but allow flexibility for students to choose a degree plan that focuses on their individual goals. Students who are unsure of their exact interests are able to take a diverse set of classes, while students with defined interests can decide to focus in a specific area. In addition, through partnerships between the University's highly ranked schools and colleges, students have the opportunity to explore the true interdisciplinary nature of mechanical engineering. For example, the Engineering Sustainable Systems dual degree combines Mechanical Engineering with the School of Natural Resources and the Environment to train graduate students to protect, restore, and create engineered and natural systems that are environmentally and economically sustainable. 

The success of our students is paramount to the goals of the department and, as such, we strive to provide our students with opportunities for growth and expansion in their careers.You will find that when you choose our program, you do not simply gain access to a world-renowned curriculum; you also gain access to a plethora of opportunities to acquire practical experience. To start, there are abundant opportunities to obtain government and corporate internships. Students opting to pursue a research focus will gain exposure to first-class research with our distinguished faculty. These experiences allow students to apply their newly acquired knowledge in a meaningful and practical manner. 

A ME degree from Michigan is highly valued by top employers.They recognize that our curriculum provides students with a strong foundation in the fundamentals and application of mechanical engineering.As a result, graduates from our program are highly sought after for prominent positions in their field.The Master's program serves as a gateway to enhance professional success and can also serve as a bridge to doctoral research. 

Over the years, more than 16,000 graduate students have chosen Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan because of its consistent record of pushing the field's frontier as well as the department's exceptional rapport with students. As an ME graduate student, you become a part of an active student community.You will have access to join and participate in student-run organizations such as the ME Graduate Council, the Graduate Society of Women Engineers, and the National Society of Black Engineers, to name a few.These organizations are known for arranging activities which allow students to socialize with one another, and offer a change of pace from the rigors of academia.Coffee hours and end-of-term parties are just a few of the events you can look forward to when you arrive on campus.You'll also be able to pursue volunteer activities in the local community.

Please feel free to look through our graduate handbook for more detailed information on the program and the services available to support your experience. At the University of Michigan, you will find a welcoming community. Admissions are competitive, and we are always searching for outstanding new graduate talent. We encourage you to apply and look forward to receiving your application. Additional information about admissions can be found on the graduate admissions page.