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Poster Guidelines

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The content and format of the ME Undergraduate Symposium poster is at the discretion of your ME instructor.

While the content and format will vary, based on the nature of the work and professional protocol followed by the RISE instructor, it is expected that the quality and quantity of the content is equivalent to other upper-level 3 credit hour technical courses.

Below are some helpful guidelines:

A poster is a graphically based approach to presenting your research. It is a visual presentation of information and it should be understandable to the viewer without verbal explanation.

We have provided a poster template that you can download as a PDF version or as a PowerPoint version (PDF, PowerPoint). We recommend that you do not change the font, margins, or spacing. Suggested sections for your poster include the following:

  • Title, author(s), and affiliation(s): Should be consistent with the title, authors and affiliations used for your paper.
  • Introduction: Provide a very brief project introduction. Make sure to include the motivation for your work, highlighting important background or previous relevant work.
  • Project Objectives: Provide a one sentence statement of the goal of your project and a bulleted list of the key project objectives.
  • Approach: Provide a brief description of the approach you used in your project, including necessary details on the relevant methods, theory, experimental processes and setups, and/or validation techniques.
  • Results and Discussion: Provide the results of your project and discuss the outcomes, findings, and/or data, as well as the broader impact of your work.
  • Conclusions: Provide a brief summary of your project with a short discussion of significance and relevance of results, a few easily remembered key conclusions, and possible future research.
  • Acknowledgements: If relevant, provide acknowledgements to others that contributed or helped you during your project.
  • References: It is important to properly cite any work that you use in your poster.