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JI-SGUS Course Election Forms

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Students who apply to the JI-SUGS academic program must submit a JI-SUGS Course Election Form. The student will need to upload the form along with the Rackham Graduate School online application.  See the Graduate Handbook for additional information.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  I am unable to come the term I was admitted. Can I defer my admission?

A:  Unfortunately no deferment is allowed in the JI-SUGS program. ME JI-SUGS students must enroll in Rackham immediately upon completion of their undergraduate degree.

Q:   Can I pursue the JI-SUGS program and a dual-degree at the same time?

A:  No, the JI-SUGS program is not available for a student pursuing a dual-degree in either their undergraduate or graduate program.