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Applying to Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program

  1. Rackham Graduate School Graduate Application (Fill out application to apply to Ph.D., MSE, SUGS & JI-SUGS programs)
  2. Statement of Purpose
  3. Personal Statement
  4. Transcripts
  5. GRE Test Scores
  6. English Proficiency Test Scores (TOEFL, MELAB & IELTS)
  7. Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  8. Program-specific Page
  9. Letters of Recommendation
  10. Writing Sample, Article or Journal Papers
  11. JI-SUGS Course Election Form (Applies only to JI-SUGS students only)
  12. SUGS Course Election Form (Applies only to current ME undergraduate students applying to SUGS) 
  13. Cost of Attending the Graduate Program (Financial aid, tuition and fees, etc.)
  14. Combined Master of Management (UM Ross School of Business) and Master of Science in Engineering (UM Mechanical Engineering) Dual Degree Program

Graduate Application Deadlines (Ph.D., MSE, SUGS, JI-SUGS)

The Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department accepts external Ph.D. applications during the Fall term only.

Fall Term Application 
Doctoral (Ph.D.):December 15th
Master (MSE):January 15th
Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (SUGS),
Joint Institute - Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Study (JI-SUGS):
January 15th
Current or previous Rackham student: January 31st
Winter Term Application (Current U-M Students Only)
Doctoral (Ph.D.): For currently enrolled Rackham ME students (change of program applicants)September 30th
Master (MSE): For currently enrolled undergraduate ME studentsAugust 1st

Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Studies (SUGS), Joint Institute - Sepuential Undergraduate/Grauate Study (JI-SUGS):

August 1st

Dual Degree Application Deadlines:

Information about Dual Degree Application Processes can be found here.

Fall Term Application 
Non-Rackham studentsJanuary 15th
Current Rackham studentsFebruary 15th
Winter Term Application 
Non-Rackham studentsAugust 1st
Current Rackham studentsOctober 15th


NOTE:  ME does not review an applicant's Curriculum Vitae, GRE, TOEFL or transcripts to convey if an applicant is admissible to the graduate program. If you are interested in applying to our program, we encourage you to submit an application. Once the application and supporting materials are submitted, the Graduate Admission Committee will review the application materials to determine if an applicant is admissible to the program.

Mechanical Engineering Graduate Program Brochure

The Michigan Difference

Mechanical Engineering Annual Report 

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