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Writing Sample, Article, or Journal Paper (Optional)

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Applicants are encouraged to submit up to two publications that have been accepted by reputable peer-reviewed journals.  Submitting a writing sample, article or journal paper is optional.

Please note: if more than two writing samples are submitted, none shall be reviewed.  These submissions are used to assist the department to match student and faulty interests and will not be a dominant factor in admission decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  How can I submit my journal papers or articles?

A:  The journal publications or articles are to be uploaded with the online application.  We ask applicants to not mail a hard copy to Mechanical Engineering Department or the Rackham Graduate School.  

Q:  I cannot upload my article with the online application. Is there another way to provide the article to you?

A:  In the event that an applicant is experiencing technical difficulty with uploading the paper on the online application, the paper can be e-mailed in PDF format to us at  In order to quickly match the paper with your application, please type your full name and UMID (if known) on each publication you e-mail to ME.

Q:  Can I mail a copy of a book with my journal paper inside? Or can I send you a computer disc with the paper on it?

A:  Unfortunately we cannot accept any bound books or CDs.  Our application files are electronic and not paper.