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MM/MSE Dual Degree Program

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The UM Mechanical Engineering Department has recently developed a combined degree program with the highly-ranked UM Ross School of Business in which students can pursue both an ME Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) degree and a Ross Master of Management (MM) degree.

The MM program is designed for students who have recently finished their undergraduate degree (i.e., with no significant industry experience, thus distinguishing it from their MBA program) who were not undergraduate business majors. Combining the ME MSE and Ross MM programs provides a unique opportunity for students to learn both technical engineering and business skills that will greatly accelerate their career advancement within the companies they join upon graduating.

Furthermore, because of double-counting of credits in the combined program, it is accelerated such that it only takes 2 years. The yearly tuition is roughly the same as for our single-degree ME Master's program.

If you are potentially interested in this combined program, you can get more information here and also contact Prof. Katsuo Kurabayashi (the ME Graduate Chair) at Further instructions on applying to the combined program will be provided in late January to each person who indicates interest in the combined program on their Master’s application.

“The master of management program has helped me broaden my knowledge and feel more prepared to apply my engineering education in a business atmosphere. I have also grown a lot as a student by developing my communication skills through group projects, case work, and the emphasis on professional development at the Ross School of Business. Having the opportunity to work with students from many different undergraduate disciplines has helped me learn new ways to approach problems, as opposed to working strictly with engineering students. The dual degree in engineering and business has made me a significantly attractive candidate when networking with recruiters at career fairs and company events.”
– Current MM/MSE dual degree program student
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