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SUGS Course Election Form

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Students applying to the Sequential Undergraduate/Graduate Study (SUGS) program must work with a ME Academic Advisor in the Academic Services Office (ASO) to fill out an SUGS Election Form. The completed form can be submitted electronically to or in person with an Academic Advisor.  See the Graduate Handbook for additional information.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  When should I submit the SUGS Election Form?

A:  It is desirable that students who wish to apply to the ME SUGS program meet with a ME Academic Advisor when the student is in their junior year (before they have begun choosing their Technical Electives and Advanced Math classes). Students normally submit a tentative "intent to apply" form before they apply to the SUGS program. The Admission's team must have the form before the Graduate Admissions Committee provides the admission decision. The Rackham Graduate School requires this form before the student can be officially admitted to the graduate program.  

Q: Does the Mechanical Engineering Dept. allow students from other College of Engineering programs to apply to the ME SUGS program? 

A: At this time only Mechanical Engineering BSE student who are completing their bachelor's degree at the UM Ann Arbor can apply to the ME SUGS program.