An extensive number of Post-Docs, Doctoral Students, Masters Students, Undergraduate Students, and Visiting Scholars have worked under Dr. Ashton-Miller in the Biomechanics Research Laboratory, including:
Degree Earned (Year)
Title of Thesis/Research Project
Position Following BRL
Jiajia Luo
ME PhD (2012)
Biomechanical Analyses of Posterior Vaginal Wall Prolapse: MR Imaging and Computer Modeling Studies Post-doctoral Fellowship, University of Michigan
David Lipps
ME PhD (2012)
The Effect of Gender-Related Differences in Knee Morphology on Peak ACL Strain During Repeated Simulated Pivot Landings: An In Vitro Investigation Post-doctoral Fellowship, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago
Jinyoung Kim
ME PhD (2012)
On the Mechanism of Levator Ani Muscle Injury During Birth Post Doctoral Fellow, University of Michigan
Hogene Kim
ME PhD (2012)
Effects of Age and Peripheral Neuropathy on Responses to an Unexpected Underfoot Pertrubation during Gait Research Engineer at NuStep Inc., Ann Arbor
Mark Gordon
ME PhD (2012)
On the Muscular Control of Steadiness in the Elderly Assistant Professor, California Baptist University
Manuel Hernandez
ME PhD (2012)
The Effect of Age on the Neuromuscular Control of Stooping, Bending and Crouching in Women Post-doctoral Fellowship, University of California San Diego
Youkeun Oh
ME PhD (2011)
Mechanisms of ACL Injuries During 3-D Impact Loading Post-doctoral Fellowship, University of Michigan
Dejun Jing
ME PhD (2010)
Experimental and Theoretical Biomechanical Analyses of the Second Stage of Labor  
Luyun Chen
ME PhD (2008)
Biomechanical Analyses of the Pathomechanics of Cystocele in Women Assistant Research Scientist, Biomedical Engineering, University of Michigan
Erin McIntyre
ME MS (2006)
Lengthening Hamstring Muscles to Protect the ACL Mechanical Engineer, Guidant Corporation, Temecula, CA
Thomas Withrow
BME PhD (2005)
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Strain: An Investigation of Muscular and Positional Constraints in a Cadaveric Impact Model Research Associate, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Eric Battjes
BME MS (2005)
Training Effects on Forward Fall Recovery in Elderly and Young DVM University of Minnesota 2005-09
Elizabeth Lucas
BME MS (2005)
Lengthening Contraction Training  
Anne Mathias

BME MS ME MS (2003)

Elbow Stiffness and Damping: Effects of Gender, Muscle Activation, and Initial Elbow Angle  
Peggy Meinhart-Shibata
ME/BME MS (2003)
Effects of Age on Standing Turn Performance Adjunct Consultant, Packer Engineering Inc, Ann Arbor, MI
Elisabeth Costa
BME MS (2001)
The Variations in 3-D Anatomy of the Female Pelvic Floor Medical School, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Brian Schulz
BME PhD (2004)
Biomechanical Studies of Compensatory Stepping in Older Women With and Without Balance-Impairment Program Specialist, James A Haley VA Hospital, Patient Safety Center, Tampa, FL
Brian Mooney
ME MS (2001)
Biomechanics of Human Birth MBA, University of Notre Dame
Jaime Moore
ME MS (2001)
Inverted Ankle Sprain Hardware Design and Release Engineer, Ford Motor Company, Canton, OH
Cecile Smeesters
Post Doc ME (2003)
  Adjoint Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sherbooke, Quebec, Canada
Thyagarajan Sadasiwan
EE MS (2001)
Computer-Aided Diagnosis from MRI Images Senior Engineer, Rescon International, Ann Arbor, MI
Sibylle Thies
BME PhD (2004)
The Biomechanics of Locomotion on an Uneven Surface Research Fellow, University of Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom
Kuo-Cheng Lien
ME PhD (2006)
Biomechanics of Vaginal Birth and Genital Prolapse  
Joshua Lo
ME PhD (2005)
Effect of Age on the Ability to Arrest a Fall with the Arms Research Associate, Orthopaedic Clinic, University of Tuebingen, Germany
Bing-Shiang Yang
ME PhD (2004)
Bipedal Balance on Unstable Surfaces Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan
Alaa Ahmed
BME PhD (2005)
A Theory of Identifying Loss of Balance: Analyses of Control Error and Compensatory Responses in Healthy Adults Research Associate, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, UK
Shelly Hargrave Martinez
Psych PhD (2000)
Developmental Coordination Disorder in Children: From Motor and Cognitive Perspectives Research Assistant, Psychology Department, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Jaebum Son
ME PhD (2006)
Unipedal Balance: Biomechanical Analyses of the Effects of Age and Disease  
Nina Duan
Post Doc ME (1998)
Computer Modeling and Biomechanics Analysis of Stress Urinary Incontinence Senior Engineer, Visteon Inc, Detroit, MI
Paul Moga
Kinesiology PhD (2002)
On the Relation Between Thoracic Kyphosis, Athletic Training, Hamstring Tightness and Anthropometry in the Developing Spine Assistant Professor, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Kurt M. DeGoede
BME PhD (2000)
Arresting Forward Falls With the Upper Extremities: Biomechanical Factors Affecting Impact Forces in Young and Old Humans Assistant Professor, Engineering and Physics, Elizabethtown College, PA
Ksenia Kozak
BME PhD (1999)
On the Control of Calance During Performance of a Forward Reach: Effects of Age, Biomechanical, and Psychological Factors Engineer, R&D, Ford Motor Company, Biosafety Division, Dearborn, MI
Laura A. Wojcik
ME PhD (1997)
Effect of Age and Gender on the Ability to Recover With a Single Step From a Forward Fall Vice President, Packer Engineering Inc, Ann Arbor, MI
Cheng Cao
ME PhD (1996)
Biomechanics of Forward Momenteum Arrest When Walking: Age and Gender Differences Senior Project Engineer, NIH Specialist Advance Vehicle Engineering, Daimler Chrysler, Detriot, MI
Darryl Thelen
ME PhD (1994)
Human Movement Biomechanics with Applications to Low Back Pain and Mobility Impairments in the Elderly Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI
Janis M. Miller
Nursing PhD (1996)
On Pelvic Floor Muscle Function and Stress Urinary Incontinence: Effects of Posture, Parity, and Volitional Control Assistant Research Scientist, Obstretics and Gynecology and School of Nursing, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Kyu-Jung Kim
ME PhD (1994)
Stress Urinary Incontinence: Pelvic Floor Biomechanics Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
James K Sprague
ME PhD (1994)
The Use of Stepping to Maintain Upright Balance: Biomechanical Analyses in Young and Old Adults Vice President, Packer Engineering Inc, Ann Arbor, MI
Mari Endo
ME MS (2002)
3D Computer Model of Pelvic Floor Muscles; Toe Flexor Strength; Speculum Device Scientist, Johnson & Johson, New Jersey
Hsieh-Ching Chen
ME PhD (1993)
Tripping Over Obstacles: Biomechanical Analyses of the Effects of Age and Gender on Obstacle Avoidance Professor & Chair, Industrial Engineering and Management, Chaoyang University of Technology, Taiwan
Soon Guel Lee
ME PhD (1993)
Theoretical and Experiment Biomechanical Analyses of the Effects of Age and Peripheral Neuropathy on Unipedal Stance Associate Professor, Kyung-Hee University, South Korea
Sanggyoo Lee
ME PhD (1991)
Biomechanical Analyses of Healthy and Spinal Cord Injured Subjects Performing Seated Three-Dimensional Tasks from a Manipulandum Senior Engineer, Dai-Woo Motors, South Korea
Kwon Son
ME PhD (1998)
Biomechanical Analyses of Weight-Moving Tasks in the Seated Positions Professor and Chair, Mechanical Engineering, Pusan University, South Korea