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ME Department Seminar Winter 2012

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Winter 2012

Time 4:00 - 5:00pm

Room 2315 GG Brown

DateSpeakerInstitutionAbstract Title
*January 13, 2012Professor Alexander VakakisUniversity of IllinoisSome Applications of Strong Nonlinearity in Mechanics and Engineering
January 24, 2012Professor Stefano CurtaroloDuke University

Addressing the Materials Genome Initative through the AFLOWLIB.ORG consortium:

thermoelectricproperties of sintered compounds with high-throughpput ab-initio calculations. 

February 7, 2012Professor Rong FanYale UniversitySingle Cell Micotechnology for Systems Oncology
February 21, 2012Professor Jeff SakamotoUniversity of Pennsylvania Fast ion Conducting Ceramic Electrolytes enabling a new Class of Solid State Energy Storage
March 20, 2012Professor Gretar Tryggvason Notre Dame University Multiscale Considerations in DNS Studies of Multiphase Flows
April 3, 2012 Professor Carlos Cesnik University of MichiganNonlinear Aeroelasticity of Very Flexible Aircraft 
April 17, 2012 Professor Peter Wang University of IllinoisMolecular Engineering, Live Cell imaging and Mechanobiology 
 *   Lecture is on Friday at 10:30am in 2211 GG Brown