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Automotive & Transportation

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Research Highlights: 

Automotive research is an important component of the research portfolio in ME. In addition to the internationally renowned Automotive Research Center, the department is home to three General Motors-UM Collaborative Research Labs in Advanced Vehicle Manufacturing: Advanced Vehicle Manufacturing, Engine Systems Research, and Smart Materials and Structure, which provide for sustained funding in this area. Activities can be characterized in the following areas: advanced and hybrid powertrains, vehicle dynamics and control, high-performance structures and materials, vehicle system integration and optimization, and advanced vehicle manufacturing.


Engines and Energy Conversion:

Arvind Atreya

Combustion research

Volker Sick

Imaging diagnostics for reactive flows, in particular internal combustion engines

Don Siegel

Energy storage

Angela Violi

Biofuels, combustion research

Margaret Wooldridge

Combustion research

Mechanics and Dynamics:

James Barber

Friction, brake systems

Greg Hulbert

Vehicle dynamics, mechanics and dynamics of tires

Jwo Pan

Fracture and fatigue

Don Siegel

Atomic scale simulation of lightweight alloys for vehicle applications

Jeff Stein

Integrated vehicle systems modeling

Michael Thouless

Adhesives and fracture

Design and Manufacturing:

Diann Brei

Smart structures

Jack Hu


Noboru Kikuchi

Topology optimizations, mechanics and modeling of structures

Panos Papalambros

Design optimization

Kazu Saitou

Design optimization


Timothy Gordon

Vehicle control

Gábor Orosz

dynamics and control of connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles

Huei Peng

Intelligent vehicle systems, hybrid vehicle design

Anna Stefanopoulou

Powertrain control, hybrid vehicle design