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Control research at UM encompasses everything from manufacturing systems to automotive vehicles, prosthetic devices and robotics. Researchers working with the Engineering Research Center for Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems at UM develop manufacturing systems that can be adapted to changes in the marketplace. Work in automotive engineering includes the investigation of safety and handling through modeling and simulation, developments in powertrain control systems, work on diesel technology and braking methods for Commercial Heavy Vehicles, and research to help accelerate the adoption of fuel cell and hybrid vehicles. Work in robotics has had a number of applications, including autonomous ground robots to investigate rugged or dangerous terrain; devices to track the moving position of pedestrians or vehicles without GPS; technologies to aid people with disabilities including navigation aids for the blind and those with limited mobility; haptic interface systems that exploit the sense of touch for rehabilitation or education; and micro-mechatronic systems for use in bio-medical devices or in computers. Faculty have also created award-winning tutorials for Matlab and Simulink.


Kira Barton

Coordination and precision motion control, learning control, control for applications ranging from micro/nanomanufacturing to autonomous vehicles

Brent Gillespie

Haptic devices, rehabilitation

Tim Gordon

Vehicle dynamics and controls

Art Kuo

Biomechanics of motion, prosthetic device development

Chinedum Okwudire

Sustainable manufacturing, vibration control, mechatronics

Kenn Oldham

MEMS and micro-mechantronic systems, micro-robotics

Gábor Orosz

dynamics and control of connected vehicles, biological networks, time-delay systems

Huei Peng

Vehicle dynamics and control systems

C David Remy

Design and control of legged and rehabilitation robots

Katheleen Sienko

Medical devices, haptic devices, rehabilitation, biomechanics of motion

Anna Stefanopoulou

Power train control systems and architectures, fuel cell power and hydrogen forming

Jeff Stein

High efficiency dynamic formulations for vehicle dynamics

Dawn Tilbury

Robotics and manufacturing systems, logic control, networked control systems

Galip Ulsoy

Rotating or translating elastic systems; manufacturing automation

Kon-Well Wang

Structural dynamics and vibration, metastable and multi-stable metastructures, vibration energy harvesting, adaptive material systems, structural control and health monitoring, vehicle system dynamics and controls