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Research Highlights: 

Design is an act of creating products and systems to fulfill specific needs of humankind under physical and social constraints. In the global marketplace where commoditized products are imported from the countries with lowest production cost, design innovation is a key for industrialized nations to stay competitive. Mechanical Engineers research tools, methods and processes to create and optimize innovative products and systems in a wide variety of domains and complexity: micro/nano structures and devices, surgical and medical devices, smart materials and structures, mechatronic devices and systems, mass-produced assemblies, automotive and aerospace products, manufacturing enterprise, global supply chains, product lifecycle, and technology-policy systems.


Shorya Awtar

Micro and nano precision systems

Diann Brei

Smart structures and materials

Jesse Austin-Breneman

Complex system design, design for emerging markets

Dan Cooper

Design for the environment, metal forming machines, sustainable manufacturing

Shanna Daly

Design processes for innovation

Sridhar Kota

Compliant mechanisms

Chinedum Okwudire

Sustainable manufacturing, vibration control, mechatronics

Panos Papalambros

Multidisciplinary design optimization

C David Remy

Design and control of legged and rehabilitation robots

Kazu Saitou

Assembly, disassembly and supply chains

Albert Shih

Medical device design

Kathleen Sienko

Global health design, medical device design

Steve Skerlos

Sustainable products and policies