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Dynamics and Vibrations

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Research Highlights: 

Researchers at the U-M focus on dynamics and vibrations as an integral part of understanding many physical systems and technologies, ranging from MEMS sensors and devices to air and space structures to the development of novel materials. One of the key common elements of all these is the crucial time dependence of the processes governing these systems. For example, the complex dynamics of DNA supercoiling can only be described by accurate dynamic modes which take onto account their dynamic behavior, the identification of mistuning and vibration localization in turbomachinery can only be accomplished through advanced computational dynamics techniques combined with physical measurements, the understanding of the causes for the high sensitivity and resolution of sound detection in the human ear can only be discovered through novel complex and high-fidelity dynamic models.

Furthermore, U-M researchers develop novel solutions for a broad range of inverse problems in dynamics (e.g. system identification, sensing and damage detection, acoustic signal processing) which are used in technologies spanning turbomachinery, bio-engineering, naval communications and sonar detection, microphones and MEMS devices. These novel solutions depend on dynamic models and the exploitation of dynamic phenomena. Both applied and fundamental problems in linear and nonlinear dynamics are tackled.

David Dowling

Acoustics, time reversed acoustic processing, vibration

Bogdan Epureanu

Biological and epidemiological systems, aerospace and automotive structures, and turbomachinery. Research blends novel methods and theory with fundamental experiments in linear and nonlinear dynamics from macro to nano-scale.

Karl Grosh

Structural acoustics, cochlear mechanics, electroacoustic transducers

Greg Hulbert

Accurate finite element methods for dynamics, phononic material design

Noboru Kikuchi

Topology optimization for vibration

Zheng-Dong Ma

Topology optimization for vibration characteristics, negative Poisson ration material design

Chinedum Okwudire

Sustainable manufacturing, vibration control, mechatronics

Gábor Orosz

nonlinear dynamics of complex systems, time-delay systems, connected vehicles, neural networks, gene-regulatory networks

Noel Perkins

Nonlinear and computational dynamics, dynamics of DNA and DNA-protein interactions, wireless sensors for athlete training and human motion analysis, structural dynamics

Richard Scott

Linear and nonlinear vibrations, wave propagation in anisotropic materials

Kon-Well Wang

Structural dynamics and vibration, metastable and multi-stable metastructures, vibration energy harvesting, adaptive material systems, structural control and health monitoring, vehicle system dynamics and controls