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Research Highlights: 

Energy is a topic of global importance that will continue to increase in priority in the coming years. Efforts at the U-M span the entire hierarchy of energy research, from the design and manufacture of highly efficient energy conversion/storage materials and devices to their effective utilization in power systems and consequent impact on energy policy.


Arvind Atreya


Claus Borgnakke

Engine combustion, pollutant formation

Neil Dasgupta

Nanostructured photovoltaics, energy storage, catalysis

L. Jay Guo

Photovoltaic devices

Hong Im

Computational methods for reacting flows, microscale power generators

Eric Johnsen

Inertial confinement fusion

Massoud Kaviany

Heat transfer physics related to novel and efficient energy conversion

Katsuo Kurabayashi

MEMS optical and biomolecular devices, microscale heat transfer

Xiaogan Liang

Nanostructured Materials

Wei Lu

Self-assembled nanostructures for energy applications

Edgar Meyhöfer

Biomolecular motors

Chinedum Okwudire

Sustainable manufacturing, vibration control, mechatronics

Huei Peng

Control systems for hybrid and fuel cell vehicles

Kevin Pipe

Microscale heat transfer, nanostructured energy conversion devices

Kazu Saitou

Concentrated solar power system, solar car design

Pramod Sangi Reddy

Molecular-level energy transport, thermoelectrics

Volker Sick

Laser techniques for combustion diagnostics, spectroscopy

Don Siegel

Materials and systems for energy storage

Steve Skerlos

Environmental and sustainable technology systems, technology policy

Anna Stefanopoulou

Powertrain systems, fuel cells

Angela Violi

Biofuels, Combustion Models, Nanoparticle Assembly

Margaret Wooldridge

Combustion diagnostics, novel fuels