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Research Highlights: 

Research in manufacturing includes sustainable manufacturing, reconfigurable manufacturing systems, assembly systems, laser aided materials processing, in-line metrology, large scale production of carbon nanotubes, computer aided stamping, line optimization, optimization of maintenance operations, high performance cutting tools, and meso-scale manufacturing processes.


Kira Barton

Micro/nanomanufacturing, additive manufacturing, electrohydrodynamic jet printing

Dan Cooper

Metal forming, solid state welding, sustainable manufacturing, factory and supply chain systems analysis

Neil Dasgupta

Nanomanfacturing, atomic layer deposition, nanometrology

L. Jay Guo

Roll to roll nanomanufacturing

Jack Hu

Mass customization and systems, welding, joining, forming

Elijah Kannatey-Asibu Jr.

Laser welding and joining (fabrication and modeling)

Yoram Koren

Reconfigurable manufacturing

Xiaogan Liang

Nanomanufacturing, nanoimprint and nanoprint technology, nanostructured materials and devices

Jyoti Mazumder

Laser processing and free-form fabrication, laser micromachining

Jun Ni

Precision manufacturing, micro-machining and forming

Chinedum Okwudire

Sustainable manufacturing, vibration control, mechatronics

Albert Shih

Biomedical design and manufacturing, machining processes

Kathleen Sienko

Global health design, affordable medical device design

Steve Skerlos

Sustainable products and policies