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Mechanics and Materials

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Research Highlights: 

The materials and solid mechanics faculty in Mechanical Engineering are a diverse group of experimentalists, theoreticians and computational experts. We work on many cutting edge problems, and some long-standing classical problems, drawn from materials physics (broadly defined), biology and automotive engineering. The following link leads to very brief outlines of the research that drives us.


Ellen Arruda

Mechanics of polymers and soft biologial tissue, tissue engineering and rehabilitation

James Barber

Contact mechanics, thermoelasticity, elasticity theory

Yue Fan

Mechanics of materials and microstructural evolutions at extreme environments

Krishna Garikipati

Computational mechanics, mechanics soft biological tissue and growth, mechanics of semiconductors

Greg Hulbert

Computational mechanics and dynamics, homogenization design

Noboru Kikuchi

Computational mechanics, structural design optimization

Wei Lu

Modeling and simulation of nano-microstructure

Jyoti Mazumder

laser aided manufacturing

Jwo Pan

Fracture and fatigue of engineering materials, cyclic plasticity theories and joining technologies

Michael Thouless

Micromechanics modeling of materials

Alan Wineman

Mechanics of continua including nonlinear elasticity and viscoelasticity of polymers