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Mechatronics & Robotics

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Research Highlights: 

Mechatronics is the synergetic integration of mechanical disciplines, electronics, controls, and computers in the design of high performance systems. Most modern products - automobiles, household appliances, personal transportation devices, digital cameras, printers, scanners, hard-disk drives, surgical tools, to name a few - embody numerous 'intelligent' or 'smart' features enabled by mechatronics.

The objective of mechatronic design is to deterministically produce higher performance at lower costs, which is critical for the technological sector in today's economy. The ME department is actively engaged in mechatronic systems research covering micro and nanopositioning systems, haptic devices, bio-inspired compliant systems.


Shorya Awtar

Nanomanipulation and nano manufacturing

Kira Barton

Micro/nanomanufacturing, sensor integration, controller integration and implementation

Diann Brei

Design, smart materials and structures

Bogdan Epureanu

Structural health monitoring, nonlinear unsteady aerodynamics

Brent Gillespie

Haptic interface and robotics

John Hart

Production and application of nanostructured materials

Sridhar Kota

Kinematics and synthesis of mechanisms and mechanical systems

Chinedum Okwudire

Sustainable manufacturing, vibration control, mechatronics

Kenn Oldham

Optimal robust control, vibration control

Gábor Orosz

cooperative control of ground robots and autonomous vehicles, human-robot interactions

C David Remy

Design and control of legged and rehabilitation robots

Albert Shih

Biomedical device design, optical metrology

Kathleen Sienko

Sensory augmentation systems; Medical devices

Thomas Wang

Biomedical instrument design, bio-MEMS, imaging, optics, endoscopy, cancer