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Our group's research interests lie at the nexus of bioengineering, biophysics, and biology.  Specifically, we integrate micro/nanoengineering, single-cell technologies, and systems and synthetic biology methods with new discoveries of mechanobiology, epigenetics, and stem cell biology for advancing understanding of human development and cancer biology. (for details, please read our Research; also see Mechanical Engineering Annual Reports highlighting our research, Y2010-2011 Report, Y2012-2013 Report, Y2014-2015 Report)

Group Members

Meet the lab (from left to right): Jianping Fu, Agnes M. Resto Irizarry, Sajedeh Nasr Esfahani, Zida Li, Xufeng Xue, Sicong Wang, Yi Zheng, Yuanyuan Zheng, Feng Lin, Ye Yuan, Ziyuan Xiong, and Yize Wang. (see Members)


Supported by the SURE program, mechanical engineering undergraduate student Huijiao Guan is working in Dr. Fu's lab on an integrated microfluidic system for functional phenotyping of patient immune cells.

Video recorded for our MCubed sponsored project, "Microfluidic systems immunology for transformative diagnostics for infants". Collaborative interdisciplinary team science to address complex clinical challenges. Our collaborators: Katsuo Kurabayashi, Timothy T. Cornell, and Thomas P. Shanley. (for details, please read our Research)


02/19/2018: Congratulations to Yue! He just won the pestigious ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award, which is given in recognition of the most exceptional scholarly work produced by doctoral students at the University of Michigan. (see Student Awards)

01/17/2018: Dr. Fu has been selected for the George J. Huebner, Jr. Research Excellence Award from the UM College of Engineering!

01/10/2018: Zida has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Li! (see Group Photos)

11/14/2017: Congratulations to Yue! He just won the Postdoctoral Fellow Shooting Star Award from the 2018 BMES - Cell and Molecular Bioengineering (CMBE) conference. (see Student Awards)

09/19/2017: Our group's research on using human pluripotent stem cells for modeling human embryonic development is highlighted by MIT Technology Review. (link)

09/07/2017: Congratulations to Koh Meng! His work on using long-term fluidic tumoroid culture to study the tumor invasion front is published today online by Scientific Reports. (see Publications)

09/06/2017: Congratulations to Yue! His Nature Communications paper on the human amniotic sac developmental model is recommended in F1000Prime as being of special significance in its field. (see Publications)

09/01/2017: IBBL welcomes two new Ph.D. students, Agnes M. Resto Irizarry and Sicong Wang. Welcome on board, Agnes and Sicong. (see Members)

08/08/2017: Congratulations to Yue! His most recent paper on using human pluripotent stem cells for modeling early human development is just officially published online by Nature Communications. (see Publications)

04/22/2017: Congratulations to Yi! His manuscript on using a microfluidic angiogenesis platform to study Notch signaling is just accepted by Lab on a Chip. (see Publications)

04/21/2017: Congratulations to Xufeng! His manuscript on using the acoustic tweezing cytometry for enhancing osteogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells is just accepted by Biomaterials. (see Publications)

04/12/2017: Our group's cell mechanics research has been highlighted in the Technology Feature by Nature. (link)

12/14/2016: Yue has successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Shao! (see Group Photos)

12/12/2016: Congratulations to Yue! His manuscript on in vitro modeling of amniogenesis using human pluripotent stem cells is just published by Nature Materials. (see Group Photos and Publications)

12/08/2016: Undergraduate student Parker Haffey working at IBBL won the Best Poster Award for the RISE program! (see Group Photos)

11/17/2016: Shinuo has successfully defended her Ph.D. thesis. Congratulations, Dr. Weng! (see Group Photos)

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Recent Publications

Tracking the tumor invasion front using long-term fluidic tumoroid culture
Koh Meng Aw Yong, et al.
Scientific Reports, vol. 7, 10784, 2017. [PDF | Supplemental Materials]

A pluripotent stem cell-based model for post-implantation human amniotic sac development
Yue Shao, et al.
Nature Communications, vol. 8, 208, 2017. [PDF | Supplemental Materials]

Self-organized amniogenesis by human pluripotent stem cells in a biomimetic implantation-like niche
Yue Shao, et al.
Nature Materials, vol. 16, pp. 419-425, 2017. [PDF | Supplemental Materials]

Nanoroughened adhesion-based capture of circulating tumor cells with heterogeneous molecular expression and metastatic characteristics
Weiqiang Chen, et al.
BMC Cancer, vol. 16, 614, 2016. [PDF]

A miniaturized hemoretractometer for blood clot retraction testing
Zida Li, Xiang Li, Brendan McCracken, Yue Shao, Kevin Ward, and Jianping Fu
Small, vol. 12, pp. 3926-3934, 2016. [PDF | Supplemental Materials]

Mechanosensitive subcellular rheostasis drives emergent single-cell mechanical homeostasis
Shinuo Weng, Yue Shao, Weiqiang Chen, and Jianping Fu
Nature Materials, vol. 15, pp. 961-967, 2016. [PDF | Supplemental Materials]

Multiparametric biomechanical and biochemical phenotypic profiling of single cancer cells using elasticity microcytometer
Shuhuan Hu, Guangyu Liu, Weiqiang Chen, Xiang Li, Wei Lu, Raymond H. W. Lam, and Jianping Fu
Small, vol. 12, pp. 2300-2311, 2016. [PDF | Supplemental Materials]

Angiogenesis in liquid tumors: An in-vitro assay for leukemic cell induced bone marrow angiogenesis
Yi Zheng, Yubing Sun, Xinwei Yu, Yue Shao, Ping Zhang, Guohao Dai, and Jianping Fu
Advanced Healthcare Materials, vol. 5, pp. 1014-1024, 2016. [PDF | Supplemental Materials]

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